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Examination of Goat on the Farm

About Us

Aiming to provide the best service and quality to the Livestock and Humanitarian sectors, GlobalVet produces veterinary gloves, overshoe boots and disposable aprons in line with the demands of our customers. Our production and marketing team offers the best in disposable products with a competitive price approach.
    With its commercial activities at home and abroad, GlobalVet has also introduced the boots, overshoes, veterinary gloves, disposable aprons and veterinary magnets it produces to the global market.
    Our CE certified production line has undertaken to deliver it to you as soon as possible, with customer satisfaction increasing day by day, thanks to the R&D studies we carry out.
    Lace-up overshoe boots, single and double elastic overshoe boots in our product range meet your demands in the best way with their different thicknesses. By producing veterinary gloves with different materials, they are shaped according to your every need.
    Our R&D unit will always be ready to launch our new products to the market in line with the requests and demands from you, our customers.

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